Relief for Flood Victims in Nepal

Flood displaces more than 65,000 people by the Fury of Flood

More than 35,000 people who have been displaced after the Saptakoshi river damaged dams in Western Kusaha region of Sunsari district on Monday are now taking shelter in local schools in the area. Local authorities say that the displaced have been put up at 12 government-run schools, government offices and private homes in Inaruwa, the district headquarter of Sunsari.  Dev Narayan Yadav of the Koshi Pidit Samak, an organization of people victimized by the annual floods in Koshi river, said that the displaced, many of whom are in a very bad-condition, are in desperate need of food, shelter and medicines.

A team of Nepal Army personnel and police force are continually engaged in rescue efforts along with distributing relief materials in the affected areas. They are said to be getting help from the locals in this matter.

As the swollen river started to erode the dams and inundate the nearby villages, tens of thousands of local people had started to flee their homes for safety from Monday night.
The raging river completely swept away more than 3,000 houses and destroyed huge tracts of paddy fields.

IRFF-Nepal is coordinating with Avenues TV of Nepal, NGO, the Home Ministry of Nepal and the Family Party Nepal in collecting used clothes , dry food and the medicines.  We need further support as the situation worse than we expected as nearly 80, 000 people most of them are children and old aged people are without basic food, clothing, medicines and shelters.

Urgent Need of Health Camps

Medicines and health check up is the need of hour as children and old aged people  are suffering from water borne disease.   In order to save life of those suffering the immediate distribution of medicines and free health check up is necessary for days to come.  Therefore, you support in this areas is very vital at this moment.

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