2009 Discover True Friendship Service Tour: Jordan

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2009 Discover True Friendship Service Tour: Jordan
July 8th – 20th | Rasoun Village, Jordan

IRFF is looking for 20 committed, adventurous and hard working young men and women to join our 2009 Discover True Friendship Service Tour in the village of Rasoun, Jordan. We will be renovating a boys’ school and a girls’ school in the village, meeting with organizations to learn about the social challenges faced by the people of Jordan, and visiting the majestic city of Petra, carved into the cliffs by the ancient Nabataeans over 2,500 years ago. Learn More | or read a brief history of the Service Tour. Applications are Due April 20th. Acceptances will be offered on a rolling basis, so apply early! Apply Now >>

Discover True Friendship Service Tour International Experiential Learning Program

IRFF is committed to building understanding and friendship between people of different nationalities, races, religions and cultures. To this end, we run short term and long term service projects that bring young men and women from different countries together in pursuit of a common goal: improving the quality of life of a community in need. While serving the selected community, participants learn about the challenges faced by developing countries and the various current and successful methods being employed to overcome those challenges.

“The experience at Mackenzie and the orphanage made me realize how much love everyone needs and how simple it is to express it. One of those ways is by serving. I have been blessed with so much; I found the least I can do is give that love to everyone. I discovered a passion and a purpose, which is to give my heart to all those who desperately need it. Since God loves everyone, then I can and should as well.”

- Mikana Maeda, participant in Zambia, 2006

Countries: USA, Haiti, Honduras, Tanzania, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Siberia, Guatemala, Zambia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Honduras, Paraguay, Czech Republic, Romania, Bangladesh, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay

“Two summers ago when I went, it not only changed my life, but I felt that I should share my blessing with others, so that their experiences may change their lives as well. It got me thinking that our drama isn’t the only thing that’s going on; everyday and everywhere there something bigger and more tragic that needs to be taken care of. All we need to do now is start the cure.”

Jeung-il Tsumagari, participant, 2004, 2006, Zambia

Going home, I feel like I can be truly grateful for what I have, without the guilt or pity for those who lack the comfort and convenience of my life that kept me from being actually grateful before. This is because I am going to do something with what I have; I’ve never been more excited to start classes, so I can learn about the economic and politic that goes into making the global changes I want to.”

Rachel Sommer, participant, 2007, Bangladesh

“My time here in Zambia, Africa has been truly life changing and inspiring. I love the work I’m doing here…I’m learning a lot during my time here. I feel like I’m gaining patience, a more sincere heart, determination to do things that I don’t always want to do, and dedication to something that is for the greater whole. I really feel like I’m learning to practice a life of living for the sake of others…I’m learning life lessons which I don’t think I could learn in a better way than during my time here in Zambia.”

Erika Wolfenberger, participant, 2008, Zambia

“This trip has not only changed me as a person but it will change the rest of the decisions I make in my lifetime. I want to continue with this volunteer work and with helping others, for living for others. This experience has made me aware that I need to change the direction of my life, to dedicate my life to others.

Ali Brundrett,, participant, 2008, Peru

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