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The Supporting Success Scholarship Fund was begun by IRFF in the summer of 2006, in the poverty stricken Mackenzie Community of Ndola, Zambia. Its mission is to provide the opportunity of education to gifted students from impoverished families who cannot afford the expense of their education in developing countries where public primary school is not free or guaranteed. Without the sponsorship of Supporting Success, these students would otherwise be unable to pursue their education.

Supporting Success began by providing scholarships to students who were finishing the 4th grade at the Mackenzie Community School, which is run by IRFF and does not charge tuition. These students would have been unable to continue their education at the local public school because their families could not afford the school fees. IRFF, therefore, provided them with funding to cover their tuition and all educational expenses – school uniforms, shoes, books and school supplies – for one year.

Global GivingSince that time, Supporting Success has expanded in Zambia and has been initiated in Bangladesh as well. Supporting Success now sponsors 17 students in Zambia – including many of the students from the original class – and 10 students in Bangladesh. Students are chosen based on their academic achievement, their demonstrated commitment to their education, and the inability of their family to cover the expenses of public school.

One of the unique aspects of Supporting Success is the fact that, up to this point, the majority of the funds used to sponsor its recipients have come from the students of the New York City public school system. MS 223, in the Mott Haven section of the South Bronx, and the United Nations International School have contributed in substantial ways to the children of Zambia and Bangladesh through fundraisers led by students and teachers. In doing so, they have learned about the lives and challenges of children their own age in countries very different from theirs, and have come to appreciate the opportunities and privilege of their own lives.

This coming December, Supporting Success will sponsor its third class in Zambia and its second in Bangladesh. To meet the needs of these added students, your help is desperately needed. Please consider donating to Supporting Success. Just $150 will cover all the expenses of one year of education for a student who desperately needs the opportunity that an education will provide. This includes school fees at a local public school, school uniform, shoes, books and all necessary school supplies. Through your donation, you will be contributing to the life of a child in a very tangible and powerful way. By giving them a chance at an education, you are giving them a chance at a successful future.

To see profiles of some of the students receiving sponsorships from Supporting Success, click here (PDF)

Click here to donate to Supporting Success now at to help IRFF reach its goal in GlobalGiving’s Project Challenge.

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