Building a 5th Grade Classroom at the Mackenzie Community School, Zambia

The Mackenzie Community School offers a free education to 250 students in grades one to four in the village of Mackenzie, located outside of Ndola.  There is a severe lack of access to education in the community as the Mackenzie Community School is the only in the village.  The school welcomes any child that is willing to learn and is taught by three teachers who volunteer their time.

To improve access to education past grade four, IRFF-Zambia wishes to expand the Mackenzie School to grade seven.  With a grant from the Posterus Foundation (, we were able to take a big step towards making that wish a reality.  A new classroom, designed to house students in grade five, has just been added onto the existing school building.  This will allow the children of the Mackenzie Community School to continue their education through the fifth grade, while before, most students had to stop attending school after grade four because they could not afford the fees and expenses of attending government or private schools.

Currently the new building is being used for special classes and extra instruction as the school administration awaits the approval of the school to grade five standards by the Community Schools Authority under the Ministry of Education of Zambia.  The students in grade four at the Mackenzie School should be able to attend fifth grade in the new classroom next school year.

The whole community of Mackenzie deeply appreciates the work of IRFF and the Posterus Foundation in increasing access to education and looks forward to future projects.  They are proud of the growing school and are committed to ensuring that the school is taken care of.

Reported by: Nicholas Chisha, IRFF-Zambia Director


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